Shes unique and her imperfections wonderful,lovely eyes and a cute smile so wonderful,her legs not so slim and slick but its captivating.She shouts and,quakes like an unintelligent baby but i adore her and groom her to be my lady.Under my care she blossoms and open up like a flower,she blows me with lovely kisses and am twisted,she gives me the roller coaster feeling.I rush into her open arms cause its a safe heaven.safe from the world and its wierd distractions.she makes me feel like a man with her submissive attitude,shes not the most beautiful looking girl,but shes gat an inner beauty so immeasurable,uncomparable and shes my best.I love her despite her imperfections.

Ambitions,goals and focus not new year resolution

There is a dire need of youths with ambitions,aims and focus,i hear so much about making new year resolutions and i wonder what its all about.My friend you see when you have goals,ambitions and purpose in life your year is planned accordingly to it.New year resolutions are nothing short but second hand plans.

How an Illness Changed the Way Laura Hillenbrand Wrote Her Bestselling Books


Your inspirational story of the day is Wil S. Hylton’s New York Times Magazine profile of bestselling author Laura Hillenbrand, who’s written both Seabiscuit and Unbroken while suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. The illness left her unable to leave the house—which, rather than hamper her ability to do research or interview sources, gave her some different advantages:

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The essence of christmas

Have you ever wondered why christmas is being celebrated?,have you paused to ponder on what true christianity is all about?,have you considered why jesus the master mind of christianity is being estolled?,jesus the author of christianity,came on earth to fufill his mission of reedeming man back to God after the fall in the garden of eden,he payed the ransome by dying on the cross of calvary and thereby giving man hope of getting back to the father and the only way of doing that is by accepting the salvation freely offered by jesus,accepting him as your personal lord and saviour then eschewing evil,that way jesus plan for you is being fulfilled,christmas is not about the celebration but a time for sober reflection and rededication back to the saviour.