My desire to be Christlike drags itself with my easily besetting sins and the clamoring of the snake. It’s a daily struggle in a world ridden by sins and deadly passions. Christ call to holiness is but a battle, a long and terrifying battle. In a dark world where I am meant to be like a light set on a bright hill, I constantly struggle to glow as the wind blown by the serpent and the enchantress are always ready to snuff me out.

What then do I do? Play smarter on the chessboard of life or drift with leviathan scheme of things? It’s a tough struggle. Life, o life, My breathe slows as I try to ponder on what life really is. Confused and terrified, I try to connect the dots in the grander scheme of things in the battle between my desire to be Christlike and the deadly passions orchestrated by the enchantress and her Powers of darkness in high places.

My heart beats, my blood runs quick as I look out the window as the amber sun fades into oblivion. Who will help me, I cry silently, How long lord? Lord how long? I whisper silently. How long will I balance my desire to be whole, holy and worthy against the raging wrath in me caused by my sin and weakness. My plea lord is that I become not blind to you or deaf to the awakening of my spirit.